Global sporting events always draw vast amounts of attention from a worldwide audience, hoping to catch a glimpse of talent that secures the highest sporting achievements out there – and nothing quite compares to the prestige on display at the Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympics is the colder cousin of the Olympic Games which take place during the summertime – the last being the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, after being delayed from 2020. With the climate that winter brings, it allows for an entirely different set of sports to be conducted for athletes who prefer to don their skis, snowboards, ice skates and more.

Our recent online survey of US residents revealed almost 40% prefer the Winter Olympics to its summer counterpart, with more than 50% saying they’ll be tuning in live to watch the coverage – which is an awesome show of support for Team USA! The 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on Friday 4th February – and here’s everything you need to know to bring you up to speed on key details and the American athletes to watch.

Where were the Winter Olympics 2022 being held?

China hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing – welcoming athletes from countries all over the world to its Olympic Village to compete in the Winter Games.

The games were held in a variety of different venues around Beijing, some of which have been purpose built for this Winter Olympic Games 2022. This included the Beijing Zone – primarily for the ice sports, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies – the Yanqing Zone for alpine skiing and sliding events, and the Zhangjiakou Zone that’s home to a popular ski resort.

Will there be an opening ceremony for the winter Olympics?

Yes – in fact, it already took place on the 4th February to symbolise the start of the event. The XXIV Olympic Winter Games opened with a stunning display in the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, with the theme of “One World, One Family”. You can relive the Olympics opening ceremony by watching the highlights here.

What sports are in the Winter Olympics 2022?

The Winter Olympics is divided up between 7 distinctly different sports, including:

  • Biathlon
  • Bobsleigh
  • Curling
  • Ice hockey
  • Luge
  • Skating
  • Skiing

Technically, there is also an eighth sport – snowboarding – but it is typically bundled in with the skiing category as the events share a number of similarities.

How many events are in the Winter Olympics 2022?

In total, there are 109 events taking place over the course of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Each of the sports contains a range of different disciplines which athletes can participate in, divided into the Men’s and Women’s categories.

For events which require teams to compete, there can also be categories for Doubles, Teams, Relay events, and iterations which require specific numbers of participants – such as the 2-man and 4-man bobsleigh events.

Which games will be introduced in the Winter Olympics?

There are a number of new events being introduced at the Winter Olympics Games for 2022, bringing in new Mixed sporting events and fresh disciplines for athletes to participate in:

  • Women’s Monobob
  • Freestyle Skiing – Big Air (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Mixed Team Freestyle Skiing Aerials
  • Mixed Team Ski Jumping
  • Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
  • Mixed Relay in Short Track Speed Skating

These 7 events were announced by the IOC back in July 2018 following the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Big Air Event will be taking place at Big Air Shougang in Shougang Park, built on the site of a former steel mill and the world’s first permanent venue for the Big Air event.

How many athletes competed in the Winter Olympics 2022?

This wide number of sports within the Winter Games means that many athletes from all over the world travel to compete – participants at the pinnacle of their sporting careers, veterans aiming to maintain their legacy, and rookies looking to prove themselves on the world stage.

From Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam, who already earned three world titles at just 23 and the nickname ‘Bommetje’ due to her powerful skating style, to Grant Hardie of the Team GB Men’s Curling squad making his Olympic debut with the British hopes on his shoulders – there’s plenty of talent to keep you entertained across all the events and teams taking part.

How many athletes were in the Winter Olympics for the US?

Team USA specifically is made up of 225 athletes – 115 men, 109 women and one non-binary participant.

US Olympic athletes to watch at the 2022 Winter Olympics

Nathan Chen – Men’s Figure Skating

One of the most prominent US athletes taking part in the 2022 Winter Olympics is Nathan Chen, holding world records in both the free skate and combined score events. His routine in the Men’s Single Skate landed him on the podium yet again, securing 1st place and a gold medal. As the first figure skater to land five quadruple jumps in a competition, his routines are always must-watch sporting coverage.

Erin Jackson – Women’s Speed Skating

Jackson is the top-ranked speed skater in the world at the 500-meter distance, having won four of the first five 500-meter World Cup races this season. At the 2018 U.S. Olympic Trials, she became the first Black woman to qualify for the U.S. Olympic long track speed skating team after just four months on ice. Now she’s got four years of experience – and we’re waiting to see just what she can do.

Matty Beniers – Men’s Ice Hockey

Beniers is one to watch on the ice hockey rink this Winter Olympics. At 19, he won gold with Team USA at the World Junior Championships – which is no small feat for someone so young – and has drawn attention due to his skills on stage with singing. No stranger to being in the spotlight, his Olympic career will be one to watch.

These are just some of the US Olympic athletes viewers will potentially want to tune in for or rewatch their performances. Figure skating, ice hockey and snowboarding came in as the top three sports in our US paid online survey.

This Winter Olympics is sure to deliver some stellar moments, with some highs and lows which will go down in history – including the last major event of legendary US snowboarder Shaun White – so don’t miss it! If you’re interested in our future paid online surveys then you can create an account right here.

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