December is the time of year that brings plenty of festivities and holiday cheer – but with that usually comes a fair bit of spending. No one likes to miss out on anything, yet equally no one likes feeling strapped for cash.

However, fret not – for those looking for how to save money Christmas shopping and beyond, we’ve got you covered. There’s lots of little things you can do this Christmas period to make your money go further. By giving a few of our Christmas money saving ideas a go, you can potentially save some pennies here and there without sacrificing the quality of your Christmas or winter festivities.

Make a Christmas budget that suits you

Everyone wants to have the best Christmas possible, making the most of spending time together after being apart for quite a while. But, planning the perfect Christmas can back you into a corner with your spending.

The better way to go about it is to start with what you can afford, set aside your Christmas money pot and plan things from the ground up. Make a list of the essential Christmas bits and allocate an amount of money you’d be comfortable spending from your pot.

This can give you a general idea of what your Christmas spending will look like, meaning you can shift things around until you’re comfortable with how much you’ll spend. If there’s a shortfall in terms of funds for your Christmas, then we’ve got a few tips further down that can help fill those funding gaps.

Search out voucher codes and offers

Almost all online retailers will have that box at the end of the checkout page that entices us – enter voucher code. Sometimes they land in our email inboxes as part of a special offer (especially around Black Friday and Christmas!), but there are plenty of places which can scour the internet for valid vouchers to help bring your total spend down.

This can be great for doing big present orders, booking Christmas travel to see friends or family, and even picking out a new outfit for a Christmas party. By using browser add-ons, all the hassle of finding vouchers is removed so you can save money with the simple push of a button.

Make use of online rewards

There are plenty of places online where you can pick up vouchers for doing surveys or simple tasks online. Spending a little time taking part in online activities can leave you with a bit of extra spending money to help your finances go further this winter.

You don’t need to look far to find a site with this offer – you’re already on one! Opinion Outpost can offer paid online surveys to anyone looking for a way to get a bit of extra spending money this Christmas. Whether you’re keen to share your opinions and insights, or just want the extra rewards at the end, you can find out more about how paid surveys work here

Many surveys or opinion polls can be completed in under 15 minutes, making them easy to complete while you’re waiting for other things – taking the train, waiting for your dinner to cook, or just have a bit of spare time on your hands. May as well make the most of that time!

Be smart when giving gifts

You don’t always need to be breaking the bank when it comes to present giving. One of the best money saving ideas for Christmas gifts you can put into practice is to choose smaller, more thoughtful presents over big ticket items people might not be too sure on.

Provided you know the person well enough, spend some time mapping out some ideas and doing some present research online. Sometimes we feel the need to buy presents for the sake of quantity, but quality is the way to go.

Maybe there’s a scent that person can’t get enough of? Or a type of coffee that they absolutely live for? Follow those instincts over the impulse to go too big. Personal touches make the biggest difference and show that you truly care.

Prioritize experiences over presents

After the last few years, we’ve not been able to see our loved ones as much as we may have wanted to, or done the things we love doing. While we might want to purchase things for each other as per Christmas tradition, baking someone’s favorite thing for them or taking them to their favorite place could go down even better.

This can be a nifty way to save a little money and give someone you love something money can’t buy – great memories. Spending time together with loved ones can already be enough of a gift for some!

Lightning round – quick money saving tips for Christmas

If you’re just looking for some general quick wins when it comes to your winter spending, we’ve got just the ticket. These are our recommendations for simple yet effective savvy tips for this Christmas:

  • Book any travel early – you’ll stand a better chance of snagging cheaper fares for coaches, trains or air travel
  • Second-hand is a great way of getting the things people want for a little less (plus purchasing from thrift stores can support those in need)
  • When it comes to food and all the trimmings, try looking at alternative brands or food options to save money at supermarkets this year
  • Your time is precious – maybe offer a helping hand or put your special skills to use by giving loved ones coupons that’ll help them out in practical ways
  • See whether your bank has cashback rewards for shopping at certain retailers

With a little luck combined with these top money saving tips for the festive period, you’ll find yourself saving money over Christmas and into the New Year. Has the idea of those surveys caught your attention? Why wait – get started with our paid surveys and start the Christmas saving now!

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