Welcome to The Outghost Hotel

Little is known about the origins of The Hotel, and the wheres, whys and hows of the story can only be left to twisted imagination. One thing, however, is for certain: lurking in the shadows of the Outpost are ghosts trapped from times past…

Halloween Word Hunt

These ghosts, 5 in total, are haunting different pages of the Opinion Outpost website, each carrying one letter:
2 appear on Monday, 1 joins them on Wednesday, and the remaining roam the halls on Friday…

  1. Scavenge the different pages of our website (both when logged in and logged out).
  2. Find ghosts by clicking on orange buttons/icons or half-hidden images. But beware, some are even hiding in plain sight!
  3. Catch all 5 ghosts & Collect their letters, then unscramble them to form 3–5 letter words.
  4. Post your findings on our Facebook page.

Whoever posts the most words below will get a shout out & a surprise Halloween treat, courtesy of Opinion Outpost!

There will be two ghost hunts between 18 to 29 October, with a different set of letters each week.



25 October 1921
Known for always having a good eye for a story, this REPORTER could sniff an exposé from a mile away. Sadly, his curiosity only led to his demise when he checked in to the Hotel to investigate its dark past.


19 October 1921
This Hollywood STAR discovered the meaning of ‘cruel irony’ when she vanished on the set of a horror flick, which she was filming at the one and only Outghost Hotel.


30 October 1821
Infamous for his beak-like nose and feathery skin, the CIRCUS BIRDMAN performed at The Hotel in what would be his last ever dance.


27 October 1721
This INNKEEPER got more than he bargained for after being lured into The Hotel by bags of gold and Franklin dollars; little did he know that his new job would be his last.


18 October 1621
Unlucky enough to be the first guest of The Hotel when it opened in 1621, the SETTLER found himself trapped in the Otherworld just days after stepping foot into the New World.

Go ghost hunting!

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